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So Many Ways to Sync

Posted on: December 23, 2009

While I was looking for a solution to backup my git repository, I started with the SyncToy. It was the tool I used on XP. Now on Windows 7, the offline files feature can sync network folders and files. On the web, there are Windows Live Sync and Window Live Mesh. They all can sync folders and files. So many tools and features, I am going to pick one by being picky.

SyncToy is easy to use, but it doesn’t support schedule. I am too lazy to to create scheduled tasks in windows.

Windows 7 Sync center can schedule syncs, but basically you are working on a network shared folder. I don’t want to write code on a shared folder. Plus git reports error when using UNC path, unless the shared folder is mapped to a drive.

Windows Live Sync syncs files between computers, not shared folders. Computers must be on the Internet and be running Live Sync program under my account. My wife is mainly using the other computer that I want to save a backup to.  I need to create shares …

Live Mesh is similar to Live Sync. Further more, it actually copies files to its web storage. To have a backup in the cloud is a good option. No worries about my wife’s computer. I will chose Live Mesh. All I need to do is just to right click the folder and select “Add folder to Live Mesh …”

BTW, when right clicked, another menu showed up “Shared Folder Synchronization …”. What? Another sync tool, SharePoint Workspaces?


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