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Here are the slide deck and source code used in my presentation about C# features for fellow developers. Topics include:

C# feature demo: Find even number from a list of integers:

  • C# 1.x – Loop in Collection (Array)
  • C# 1.x – Delegate (Custom Delegate)
  • C# 2.0 – Iterators (yield return)
  • C# 2.0 – Delegate (Predicate<T>)
  • C# 2.0 – Anonymous Method
  • C# 3.0 – Lambda Expression
  • C# 3.0 – LINQ (Language integrated Query)
  • C# 3.0 – Extended Method

LINQ demo: Match orders with appraisers

  • Select: Default, Anonymous Class, Dictionary
  • Where: Static, Dynamic Query
  • Group: Aggregation, e.g. count
  • Join: Inner Join, Out Join, Group Join
  • Order: e.g. order by count desc



Remebered the first Flash tutorial I saw was to morph/transform a rectangle into a circle. But This simple task cannot be done in Expression Blend 1.

Now with Expression Blend 2 preview, it is possible. This feature is called “Vertex Animation”.

Wait, I actually morphed a circle to rectangle, by converting circle into path on key frame 1 and editing the path to rectangle on key frame 2. It is not exactly same as the “Tweening: shape, Blend: Angular ” in Flash

How about morph text?

How about doing things like in the beginning Flash tutorials?

MFC is the C++ wrapper to Windows API. It was a great help when moving from DOS to Windows where the Windows API required a new mind set.

Now it’s WPF age, WFP/XAML is another big mind set change. Acropolis came to help this time. Its wizard askes something like “Do you want SDI or MDI?” and “Do you want menu bar, tool bar and status bar?”. They are famous questions in MFC wizard.


  • None
  • Pk: The horizontal view is a pleasure to use! Good thinking
  • randyburden: A valiant and commendable effort. Your use of Tuple is a little weird but it offers a feature that most other microORMs don't. Your use of a static Gu
  • reav: great work done on Rabbit Framework. just started to learning it, and by now i think it will solve all my problems and questions, that i had in webpag