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WPF team is prompting PM

Posted on: November 30, 2007

Attended Jeremy D. Miller’s session about design patterns for WinForms where I finally learnt the differences between supervising controller and passive view.

As myself being a fan of “Presentation Model” and data binding, especially two-way data binding, I am glad to know from Jeremy that “Presentation Model is another name for the Model/View/ViewModel pattern being promoted by some of the WPF team at Microsoft.” from his presentation of his blog post.  

Update on 12/5/2007: Acropolis, the WPF client application framework is really using the presentation model explained in this video presentation.


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    • Pk: The horizontal view is a pleasure to use! Good thinking
    • randyburden: A valiant and commendable effort. Your use of Tuple is a little weird but it offers a feature that most other microORMs don't. Your use of a static Gu
    • reav: great work done on Rabbit Framework. just started to learning it, and by now i think it will solve all my problems and questions, that i had in webpag


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