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Just saw a demo of ASP.NET MVC by Jeffrey Palermo on DevTeach Vancouver. The demo used StructureMap to construct the controller DI/IoC way, but actually key point of this framework is the “URL routing handler” that maps URL request to controller class’ method. The mapping is configurable and has intelligence to map automatically by parameter.

It somehow reminds me ISAPI Extension. In Delphi, it was as easy as adding a WebAction component, set path then code in the OnAction event which usually calls methods in another controller class…

The second key point is the “RenderView” method from base class Controller. It invokes aspx as a template engine. The result is that view state, server side event are no more available.

To me, ASP.NET MVC is as same as Web Client Software Factory that I will not jump on immediately.


Attended Jeremy D. Miller’s session about design patterns for WinForms where I finally learnt the differences between supervising controller and passive view.

As myself being a fan of “Presentation Model” and data binding, especially two-way data binding, I am glad to know from Jeremy that “Presentation Model is another name for the Model/View/ViewModel pattern being promoted by some of the WPF team at Microsoft.” from his presentation of his blog post.  

Update on 12/5/2007: Acropolis, the WPF client application framework is really using the presentation model explained in this video presentation.


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  • Pk: The horizontal view is a pleasure to use! Good thinking
  • randyburden: A valiant and commendable effort. Your use of Tuple is a little weird but it offers a feature that most other microORMs don't. Your use of a static Gu
  • reav: great work done on Rabbit Framework. just started to learning it, and by now i think it will solve all my problems and questions, that i had in webpag